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tv   [untitled]    October 4, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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>> finches? no, someone would call the animal control would come out, and they wouldn't cite me for it. they would say, yeah -- no. sorry. >> i was looking for a stronger answer, mr. yorck. i'm not good at this. >> again, i have no reason to know that any of this is true. that's why i wanted to simply ask. do you have a name or did someone give a name or anything? was it just a nasty rumor? >> what i think would be best is perhaps if we can take -- continue this item till a later portion of the agenda and we can -- i certainly do not want the approval or the recommendation of your nomination to be based on something that is untrue or unfounded. but i certainly think that it behooves us to deal with it. i appreciate it. >> i appreciate your -- you did
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submit a very lengthy application which speaks to your enthusiasm and passion for the seat. you submitted a multi-page statement which we already received back in may. so, i do really do see the passion and enthusiasm that you have for this seat. so, what i'm going to propose is that we actually continue this item till a later portion of the agenda. thank you. >> but at this time maybe we can move forward with the motion that we have currently. so, if we can move forward with ms. russo for seat 2 and dr. o'neill for seat 7, we have that motion with recommendation. we can do that without opposition. i will continue seat number 1 to a later portion of this agenda. at this time, mr. clerk, can you please call item number 3? >> item number 3, hearing to consider appointing four members, terms ending june 6, 2014, to the immigrant right commission. >> thank you. so, i'm going to keep the same
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format as i had for the previous item. i'm going to call your name in the order that it is listed on the agenda. we do have five applicants with four seats, four who are actually applying for reappointment to their seat. first i will call up vera haile. i do see her here in the audience. commissioner haile, thank you for being with us today. i know that you have long served this commission. it's good to see you. i am here to ask to be appointed again to the commission. you know from my application i spent 13 years working in chinatown at self-help for the elderly, 13 years in the tenderloin at currie senior center. so, i worked closely with immigrants. reason i want to be appointed again is i think the attitudes towards immigrants are getting better and that we as a commission have a better chance
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to move things forward. i worked on language access with the commission as long as i've been on it. and i would hope eventually that we would be able to conform with title 6 of the civil rights act which means we'd provide languages for everybody. languages change from time to time. now we're getting more arabic languages and in the future we may get more of the southern african languages based on the number of refugees we see moving around. and we also find the governor and president are willing to provide the dream act. and, so, we have some new hope. but we haven't gotten to the legalization of the undocumented. it has not moved, in spite of the fact mayor bloomberg supports it. and he thinks we need them, and certainly is true and he thinks they would pay taxes and build
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communities. also, professor silbani from stanford thinks that they will -- are we under two minutes, too? oh, well, i just want to call your attention to dr. kiones and his crossing the border and becoming a brain surgeon that saved people's lives at johns hopkins university. and those are my long range goals. language access and easing legalization. immediately, i hope we have to make the community more accessible and welcome the immigrants and not afraid to talk about the important issues. and i'll give you copies of the things i'm leaving out. >> thank you, commissioner haile. next we have haregu gaime.
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thank you, chair kim and supervisors. my name is haregu gaime and i'm an immigrant in the united states who lives in san francisco now. i've been on the commission for two years now. and for the most part in the last two years i feel [speaker not understood]. commissioner haile worked here prior to me, spoke of all the work that's being done. and i feel like we're leading up to what this commission is capable of and i've been getting exposed by going to the different districts that [speaker not understood] the city of san francisco has, one of them being your district, actually, last month, chair kim. and one of the things that i'm learning is how much the immigrant community is unaware of what options and what possibilities and what [speaker not understood] that they have in the city of san francisco, that they don't always have to
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be afraid. that there is language access and they can access it. and what we as commission can do is expose them and let them know in our own communities. i know the [speaker not understood] community isn't as aware of what the city can offer them and i think that's just the very beginning of what we're doing. but the commission in the last two years that i've been under chair and now chair haile has progressed a lot tremendously over the last two years. and i think being a part of it, i feel that we are available for the immigrant community. and as was stated earlier, we're just moving forward at this time and i like the work that's being done and i'd like the work to continue at this point. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. thank you for being here today. teresa chee could not make it
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today, but let the committee and the clerk know and has submitted her letter, a statement otherwise. so, next i will call up gilbert o alexander. hi, supervisors, good afternoon. thank you for having me here. my name is gilberto alexander and i used to be with the commission until 2002 and i had to go to new york and i spent three years. and i came back to san francisco, which is my city. during my tenure as the [speaker not understood] committee chair, i was very enthusiastic to put forward in guiding the excellent team that we had to have the language access amended to include other
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languages, and also to change to include tier 1 and tier 2 departments, tier 2 department to become tier 1, in one aspect. so, that was accomplished and that was very excited, i was very dedicated to make sure that that happened. and, so, now i applied again for seat 1, 1, 2 and 9 -- sorry. 1, 2 and 9 and 3 i believe it is. i respect the fellow commissioners very much and all the work they have done. and, so, my goals would be to continue if i'm allowed to become a commissioner, the good work that i believe i had done with the commission in terms of language access.
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i have -- you know, this coming year we have immigration reform. we have amnesty, we have the dream act. and those issues are very important and i would like to really delve into it if i'm allowed to be once again a commissioner. thank you. >> thank you, mr. alexander. and we also do have a statement from elahe enssani who currently sits as commissioner as well. i know that he is out of the country and has sent a statement otherwise. but i do see our director from the office of civic engagement, adrian and [speaker not understood]. i just want to give you an opportunity to speak about the commission. i'm a big fan of the immigrant commission and i want to thank all the commissioners who currently serve on that commission. i think you do incredibly important work and really enjoy joining you at the district 6 meeting last month. yes, good afternoon, madam chair and supervisors. my name is [speaker not
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understood] fuentes. [speaker not understood]. and unable to join us. but he and i wanted to express our support for our fellow commissioners. i have worked with commissioner haile and gaime for the past several years. it is taking a while to get a group of commissioners to know the issues and can respectfully work together. finally we are getting there. we are here for the agenda and focus on the [speaker not understood] communities [speaker not understood]. we work well with each other. with the office of civic engagement and indian affairs and with the community. recently we supported [speaker not understood] for passage of the just act and recently we were able to work with police chief sur and on expanding the
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vehicle [speaker not understood] policy for license drivers. we need this commission to stay together in order to make sure our goals are accomplished. please reappoint these two commissioners. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. fuentes. mr. hahn, thank you for joining us today at rules committee. thank you, supervisors. good afternoon, chair kim and supervisors. adrian hahn, office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs and i'm here today to support the reappointment of all four of our incumbent commissioners to the immigrant rights commission. i apologize that two of our commissioners couldn't be here, but they have stated their issues and concerns and desire to stay on. i want to thank the board and especially the rules committee for appointing qualified and diverse individuals to the commission. as you know, our office is involved in a wide variety of social justice projects
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including our core work around language and immigrant rights. we are about to launch some critical initiatives around the third action for childhood arrivals and citizenship and this is a partnership with a number of regional and national funders and immigrant rights organizations. so, the partnership with the irc is really important. we rely on the commission's expertise to inform and support our work and each of the incumbent commissioners brings a unique, inclusive and balanced perspective. and we really need their voices. so, thank you for advancing their reappointments to the full board and i'll be glad to answer any questions if you have any. >> thank you, ms. hahn. from my understanding, ms. chee has a perfect attendance record at the commission. yes. >> that's unusual. it is unusual she was unable to attend today. yes, she just gave birth to her second child and she's a working nurse. so, she wasn't able to adjust her schedule. >> thank you, ms. hahn.
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at the time we'll open it up for public comment on this item. if you'd like to speak. seeing no public comment on this item, public comment is closed. supervisor campos? >> thank you very much, madam chair. and again, thank you to all of the applicants who have come forward. the immigrant rights commission is a very important commission and has played a very key role in the last few years on issues involving a large number of our residents. you know we have a large immigrant population in san francisco and we have a long history with immigration in san francisco which is one of the reasons that this commission was created a long time ago. and, so, i want to thank all the applicants. but my motion, i'm going to make a motion to reappoint the four commissioners that have reapplied for reappointment.
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and, so, it would be a motion to reappoint vera haile to seat 1, gaime to seat 2, theresa chee to seat 5, and commissioner enssani to seat 9. so, that's my motion. >> so, we do have a motion to move forward all four incumbents to the seats that they currently reside in and i'll accept we can do that without objection. i do want to -- i'm just take the time to thank our commissioners. like all of our task forces and commissions, it is fully volunteer, but you speak and represent the city on very important issues and spend a lot of time reaching out to our communities, in particular with this commission i think works on a lot of issues that are near and dear to my heart, coming from an immigrant family. and i do really appreciate the diversity of this committee and also the dedication that i feel that the commission represents.
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i'm happy to support all four incumbents. supervisor campos? >> what i want to add, what i have been impressed with, lately we've had a really good synergy on that commission. there is a very good working relationship. i think a lot of work has been done. so, i'd like to see that continue, which is why i make my motion. so, i want to thank the commissioners for the great work they're doing. >> thank you. and i do want to thank mr. alexander for applying. i know that you remain involved with this commission through sitting on the program committee as a chair and want to thank you for your service as well. so, we do have a motion to move forward these four names to the board with recommendation. we can do that without opposition. mr. clerk, can you please call item number 4. >> item number 4, hearing to consider appointing two members, terms and the april 10, 2013 to the graffiti advisory board. >> thank you. and we do have both applicants here today. and i will call you again in the order.
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first mr. drew lindner. and also, mr. lindner, if you could clarify if you are a property owner here in san francisco. i am not. >> you are not a property owner. i began getting involved with graffiti 18 years ago as a manufacturer of antigraffiti products and it became a passion, not just the selling of products, but getting involved in the cities and communities helping them defeat the issue, whether it be painting, using products, whatever it took. i traveled around the country dealing with different communities and two years ago formed a nonprofit called stop urban blight. what we originally formed this, nobody knew how to report graffiti around the cities. it was a wet based initially. we have phone numbers for reporting graffiti. we have educational training online as well. and last year we began doing what we call city greets, getting cities together to share what's working, not working in their communities.
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even though cities are next to each other, they hadn't shared ideas. we formed an advisory meeting and haven't missed one meeting since. [speaker not understood] graffiti conference in 2013 in san francisco. very proud to be part of. >> thank you, mr. lindner. did read your application, was very impressed. especially someone who is not a resident here in san francisco -- i come here at least twice a month. >> keep coming. >> we appreciate your commitment and dedication here in san francisco. i just have to say that what is listed at least on the graffiti advisory board for the seat that you have applied is you must be a property owner here in san francisco. so, we'll be asking questions about that requirement, being that you don't fit that requirement. sure. my understanding was there is a possibility of a waiver, but what i wanted to mention is dealing with business owners, that would be my main goal, to
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actively work with the businesses to help them find ways they can help eliminate graffiti in their businesses. so, it is not once a month coming for a meeting. i plan to be actively involved in the city. >> thank you. i wonder if there is anyone here from dpw who can speak to this issue. well, thank you. we'll move on to the next applicant. mr. givener, if you would like to speak to this question. thank you, mr. givener, our city attorney. >> deputy city attorney john givener. as the committee members know, the residency requirements that is imposed on a number of different committees and boards is waivable in certain cases when the board or committee was created by an ordinance. in this case the requirement is
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that the member holding the seat be a property owner. that specific requirement in the ordinance is not waivable. so, that's just a mandatory requirement. >> thank you, mr. givener. at this time, can we hear paul giusti? good afternoon, supervisors. my name is paul giusti. i'm a resident of district 8 and i am applying for the graffiti advisory committee to be reappointed. i've actually been involved in the graffiti advisory committee since the beginning. i think it's been, ghosh, i want to say 7 or 8 years now. and the work that we've done, it's just too much to really even get into in two minutes. but i'm really proud of the work we've done. it's outlined in our annual reports. we instituted or helped develop the blight policy or ordinance here in san francisco.
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i thought we came up with fair legislation that required property owners to clean the graffiti in a timely manner and gave them the opportunity to do so. we've done a lot around education with the school district, educating kids about graffiti, how graffiti affects property owners, it affects the city. and things we've done, we've worked with the art commission. i think one of the funest things i was involved in was at that time deputy director nuru of dpw and i worked with the arts commission on what color the street furniture and lamp poles in san francisco should be and standardize that nice green color we have now and made it easier to paint out graffiti and keep a standard. so, dpw didn't have to carry around 10 different colors of paint with them to paint out graffiti. so, going forward what i'd really like to see is just really more education, more education, education with kids, with property owners around
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their responsibilities, with folks that get caught doing vandalism and grab feet and also education with the arts -- on avenues for people to express their creativity and that kind of thing. so. >> thank you, mr. giusti. i've seen you at many events. i appreciate your work and passion and for serving since its inception. glad that you're still here. just a quick question. do you happen to be a property owner in san francisco? yes, i am, i'm in district 8, yes. >> and you own property? i own a condo. >> i just ask because in seat 15 you do not need to be a property owner. right. >> so i'm just wondering if we can do a little work here. can i just bring up mr. lindner again, please? actually the other requirement of the seat, whether it's 14 or 15, even if we switched you around is that you must represent a business that operates in san francisco. so, do you operate -- do you
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represent a business that operates in san francisco? i saw your business address was -- excuse me? kelly moore is a dealer of my products. i'm not the business owner, but my products are distributed all over the country. >> so you do not operate here in san francisco? not my own business. [speaker not understood]. [laughter] >> i appreciate your passion. i'm just trying to see what we can do. [multiple voices] even if i'm not appointed, i will still be part of the board. >> thank you. at this time we'll open up for public comment on this item. good afternoon, david pilkow. i wanted to speak in support of paul giusti. i know him very well from garbage and refuse rate issues. but i've also attended the graffiti advisory board once or twice and i know he is committed to reducing and
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hopefully eliminating graffiti or getting better graffiti in the city. and if you can sort out mr. lindner's application, that would be good, too. but i just wanted to support paul giusti's reappointment to the advisory board. thanks. >> thank you, mr. [speaker not understood] any other public comment on this item? seeing no other public comment, this item is now closed. colleagues? >> thank you. thank you very much to both of you for applying. and mr. giusti, you know, i see you everywhere and it's incredible that you have the energy to do as much as you do and that you're willing to continue to do that. so, it is my pleasure to see you reappointed. i do have a question about seat 14 for mr. lindner.
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i would love to be able to appoint you. but if you don't meet the legal requirements, there's nothing we can do. we did think about the idea, maybe switching the seats. i don't know if that requires that be re-noticed, but it seems even if we did that it wouldn't work. so, with that, i make a motion to reappoint paul giusti to seat 15 and move forward the positive recommendation in terms of seat 14 i think we need to wait until there is someone who is qualified. and, again, i would encourage you to please be involved. it's not that we don't want to see you. we just can't legally do it. so, thank you. >> so, we can move forward with that recommendation without opposition. i do also want to say, mr. lindner, i was incredibly impressed with your application leant night. i was looking at your qualifications and questions whether you met the legal requirement. i'm actually curious, and i'll
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speak with you about perhaps other seats that open up that don't require you to be a property owner or represent a business that operates here in san francisco. i imagine there are other seats and hopefully there will be vacancies coming up. but we truly appreciate your work already. you serve already as a member basically and i know it would be great to be able to acknowledge on your commitment -- [speaker not understood]. >> yes, for attending all of our events. so, i look forward to seeing you. i'm sure i will see you at an event soon in one of our districts. thank you. we'll move forward with that motion, move forward mr. giusti for seat 15. we can do that without opposition. thank you. mr. clerk, can you please call forward item number 5? >> item number 5, hearing to consider appointing three members, terms to be determined, to the balboa park station community advisory committee. >> thank you. and i do believe we have several of the applicants here today. i did hear that we
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unfortunately did not list this item appropriately on our agenda so we will have to continue this item. but if you did apply and you are here today, i would like to welcome to have you speak and we won't ask you to come to our next rules committee meeting. so, any of the applicants here today? great. oh, william, so, you applied but you are actually not -- this is what i meant. i think if you're not -- maybe i can ask the deputy city attorney. we actually -- unfortunately the way it was agendized we were not able to list all of the applicant names and i know you applied, a clerical error. so, deputy city attorney, can we hear the applicant even though they are not agendized? >> deputy city attorney john givener again. you can hear him. you can't vote to recommend him to the full board.
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>> okay. so, i know it takes a lot of time to be here during the day, so, why don't we hear you. i won't ask you to come to the next rules committee which we'll then continue this item. i did want to see if either daniel weaver -- daniel is here? okay. and veronica, okay, great. is alexander mullaney here? why don't we hear this in order. we'll have daniel weaver go first then we'll have veronica garcia, and then mr. walker. thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is dan weaver and i am applying for one of the open seats that i qualify for on the balboa citizen's advisory committee. my city experience in terms of working with city government includes my current role at the
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mta citizen's advisory committee where i'm the vice-chair and also the chair of the engineering maintenance committee. i have served in the past couple of years ago as chair of the san francisco utility undergrounding task force and we succeeded in issuing a report. i've been involved for a number of years in the ocean avenue revitalization and involved in the development of the better neighborhoods plan around the balboa park bart station and ocean avenue. i'm a board member of the, probably the only property in the station area that has any nongovernment attachments to it, which is the historic geneva [speaker not understood] and power house which we're seeking to restore and occupy as a cultural center and were discussed -- that role is discussed in the balboa area
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plan. currently i'm serving as acting director of the ocean avenue cbd which comes right down to the entrance to the station area. in summary, i have a good understanding of muni's needs at the station area, also an understanding of the community's interest and needs and of the issues and points raised in the city's balboa area plan. thank you. >> thank you. dan, if i could ask you one question? you're coming up here pretty humbly. i don't think there is anybody who knows balboa park and ocean avenue better than you do and your experience there. you have applied for four different seats. right. >> of those four, which do you feel you best represent? are you a muni rider, are you a bart rider, are you a pedestrian, or are you a senior first? pick one of the four for me. i would say i'm more intereed